Friday, 26 September 2008

September 7th

I went to one of the Sun Page 3 girls, Melanie Boorman’s, wedding yesterday in Hertfordshire. It was amazing! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was slightly jealous. It was so special and she looked like a princess. I had the most disastrous time getting there, though. I got up at five in the morning to get the train to London and then on to Hertfordshire in time to get to the hotel and get ready before the church at 2pm. I was, what I thought was, about 30mins away from Euston when I went to the train buffer and asked what exact time the train arrived into London. The lady’s response was, ‘Don’t you mean Birmingham?’ Apparently there were no direct trains to London that day. I then had to get a coach to somewhere else and then two more trains to London!!!! I had to do my hair and make-up, and get changed on the train! Luckily I’d put my rollers in at home, God knows what I would have done if not! I know what you’re probably thinking, don’t I feel stupid walking around in rollers, but to be honest that’s just what I’m like, I don’t give a monkeys! It’s the friends with me who always feel embarrassed. I’m always embarrassing my friends ☺ If I’m in a shop and lose them I’ll just shout their names really loud. Anyway, I managed to get to the church for exactly 2pm looking and feeling slightly worse than I’d planned. I aged about 10 years through the whole journey worrying about whether or not I’d actually make it. Anyway luckily they had endless bottles of my favourite Sauvignon Blanc to help me relax and forget about how awful I looked. It was a great wedding. It was filmed for a programme on ITV, which is basically a competition between four weddings so watch out for it. Oh, and good luck Mel, I hope you win. If any of you see me on the programme, please bear in mind what I said about the journey and the amount of wine I drank to get over it!

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