Monday, 9 June 2008

27th May

I’m not long back from Ibiza. The first day was really hard. We had to be up at 3am to go to the airport. As soon as we arrived in Ibiza we went straight into hair and make-up to get ready for our first shoot. We didn’t finish until 8.30pm that evening. I was past tiredness and slightly delusional at that point! I slept well that night until my alarm woke me up at 4.45am the next morning forcing me to get up and get ready for the next shoot. We did a sunrise shoot, which went really well, considering my lack of sleep, and luckily I finished at 12pm and had the rest of the day off. You can imagine where I went when we arrived back to the hotel - straight back to bed! I’m not one to nap through the day, especially when the sun’s shining outside, but it had to be done, a girl needs her beauty sleep…

I bought an amazing foundation at the airport, Chanel Pro Lumier. It’s quite expensive at £25.90 but I think it’s worth it. If you have really oily skin it’s probably no good for you because it’s quite an oily foundation. When you first put it on it looks really oily and shiny but after a few minutes it goes more matt and looks great. If you do have oily skin it would probably work better with a little powder on top. I put it on with a MAC foundation brush, which works really well, but you can just use your fingertips.

Make sure you moisturise well before applying it. You should always put your foundation on with downward strokes to avoid making the hairs on your face stand up and look visible. (I read that in a magazine years ago and have done it ever since.) The foundation I used to use, before being recommended Chanel by a make-up artist, was L'Oreal True Match. I think this is a lovely foundation and gives a porcelain look. It’s a lot dryer than the Chanel one meaning you don’t need to use powder. I’ve used that foundation for a couple of years now and would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re on a budget because at £13.99 it’s a bit of a bargain. If I want a less shiny look than the Chanel gives but don’t want to use powder, I sometimes mix the Chanel and L’Oreal. I’m always mixing make-up.

Because I get fake tans, my skin’s constantly changing colour so I have foundation in two shades and mix then to match my skin tone. Nothing’s worse than an orange face and white body. I also mix eye shadows to get different colours. There are loads of brands that make good eye shadows but most of mine are MAC. MAC have the best range of colours, I love them! I’ve got MAC as my top friend on Myspace. It’s sad but I don’t know what I’d do without MAC. If you do decide to try out the Chanel foundations make sure you go to the shop with no make-up on so you can try out what foundation suits you best. There are a few different types all available in lots of tones. Also make sure you ask for a load of samples of other Chanel products when you buy one, you may as well get your money’s worth.

21st May

I’m going to Ibiza for a shoot with ZOO magazine tomorrow, which should be fun. Don’t be fooled though, it’s not as glam of a life as people believe. My friends always say, ‘I’m so jealous, you’re always going away.’ People seem to think it’s like a holiday but believe me, it’s not! What makes a holiday? Sunbathing, cocktails in the sun, eating what you like, waking up when you like, and in Ibiza, definitely getting very, very drunk in the clubs! On work trips you don’t get any of this. You can’t sunbathe, in case you burn or your make-up melts off, you can’t eat what you like (well I can’t because I get so bloated), and you can’t get drunk for obvious reasons - hangovers don’t work well in front of the camera, it’s not a sexy look! Plus you often have to be up to have your hair and make-up done at 5am for sunrise and then work until 9pm for sunset.

I’ve just got back from having my spray tan done. The lady who does it told me about a new cream St Tropez have brought out that you apply a couple of days after you’ve had a spray tan to prolong and intensify it. It’s called Tan Intensifier (surprisingly enough!) and is available in two shades. I won’t need it for the ZOO trip because I’m only there for three days so my tan will last, but next month I’m shooting my calendar away for a week so I’ll try it out then. I’ll let you know the results.

12th May

I tried the new Venus razor the other day, Venus Breeze. It has gel pads on each side of the blade meaning there’s no need for shave gel. I was pretty impressed. I like my lady area down south to be hairless. I think, as a model, it’s pretty important to be hair-free but to be honest I’d have it that way regardless of what I do. (Some of the other models go for a Brazilian. Different strokes for different folks, as they say!) Anyway, back to what I was saying. I often get a shaving rash down below (please God let there be no men reading this) but when I used the Breeze I was completely bump free! The only problem is that the pads begin to go a bit mushy after a few uses, making it work less efficiently. It would be alright if the razor heads cost a pound each but they’re pretty pricey. I’m going to stick to using my normal Venus and only use the Breeze for my lady area and for shaving my legs when I’m in a rush. You know the scene, you’re about to go out on the town when you remember you haven’t shaved your legs for a month and have to rush to the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bath trying not to get your dress wet…