Friday, 26 September 2008

Aug 30th

I’m absolutely loving Soap and Glory at the moment. Their products are really good. It’s the sister company to Bliss, which has spas in London and New York and sells a variety of products from the spa in stores such as Harrods. Bliss is v expensive though, and Soap and Glory is a lot more affordable. I once bought lemon and sage body butter from Bliss as I’d read in a magazine that it was Lily Cole’s favourite. If a supermodel likes it, it has to be pretty good. It was a really lovely rich cream but at £23 a tube I didn’t really want to buy it all the time. I then discovered Soap and Glory and their body butters were just as good and a lot cheaper at £10. I luuuurve them and they smell gorge. They come in various different scents from blueberry to lemon flowers and orange, which I’m loving at the moment. You’ve gotta try them! I also use ‘Scales Away’, a scrub for your legs which is great, and ‘Scrub Of Your Life’, an all-over body scrub. They have a few new products that they’ve just released. I tried ‘Some Like It Hot’ thermal scrub. It was the most bizarre product I’ve ever used. I think I had a reaction to it! I rubbed it all over, and as soon as you put it on your skin it gets very hot but quickly cools down. About two minutes later I started to heat up again to the extent that I had to turn the shower onto cold because as hot water touched my skin it made it feel 10 times hotter and felt as though it was burning my skin. I got out of the shower and as usual I’d forgotten my towel so had to run around looking for one. Usually I freeze when I’m on my after shower towel hunt, but this was bizarre, I was roasting! I finally found a towel, wrapped it around me and jumped back in bed. It felt like I had a heated towel wrapped round me. Strange! I used the scrub again the other day just on my legs and it didn’t have the same effect. It heated up at the beginning but quickly cooled down and stayed cool. Maybe because it was the first time I’d used it, the stuff in it that heats up had dropped to the bottom (it’s in one of those tubes where the lid’s at the bottom). I don’t know but it was HOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!

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Love Caz said...

Try this - its a great little viral from Slendertone - create your perfect (?) body!

Caz xx