Thursday, 11 September 2008

July 20th

I had a great job today! It was at the Lovebox festival in Victoria Park, London. I had to have pictures taken covered - in fact smothered - in berries to promote a new fruit smoothie called Boost. It was pretty messy and sticky but after we’d finished the PR people from Freuds took me straight to a hotel to shower before bringing me back to enjoy the festival! The smoothies were different to any other brand I’ve tried, each flavour had a different benefit. Each one comes supplemented with ‘a natural shot of goodness’ to give you extra energy or protein, help your detox or give your immunity a boost. ‘Tropical twist’ gives your metabolism a boost, ‘berry blitz’ gives your immunity a boost, ‘mango mania’ gives you an energy boost and ‘smashin strawberry’ gives your mind a boost. What a good idea! The strawberry smoothie was my favourite, it was really nice. If you go on the website at you can try one out for free. Enter your details and they’ll send you a coupon to get a 750ml free bottle.

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