Thursday, 11 September 2008

Aug 1st

I got back from Ibiza the other day and I’ve been bed bound with food poisoning ever since! Ibiza airport is rubbish for food with only a really bad, greasy, American-style café where the food looks like it would kill and a Burger King, which I’ve since discovered can also kill! Well, nearly! Although I hate it, I opted for the Burger King. I don’t eat red meat and I hate processed chicken, but they didn’t have any veggie options so I had a chicken burger and tried very hard to ignore the fact I was eating processed crap. It was HORRIBLE!! I managed to eat half and threw the rest in the bin. Thank God! Imagine if I’d eaten the whole thing!? As soon as the plane landed and the seatbelt sign went off I ran to the toilet and threw up, violently. That was just the beginning, I was then sick in the toilets by the bag collection area, by the bus that takes you to the car park, in the car park and a few times along the hard shoulder! I’d flown to Stansted and had to travel back to Manchester, thank God my friend Amii (Grove, one of the Page 3 girls I work with) was driving. Oh, and have I mentioned I still haven’t stopped throwing up 2 days later!? I’ll write again when I’m feeling better because right now I’m going to have to make a run for the loo. AGAIN. ☹

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