Thursday, 11 September 2008

July 23rd

I’m shooting for The Sun Page 3 this morning and later on I’ll be flying to the party island, Ibiza, for a much-needed break. I’m going for a week of partying and relaxing and as soon as I get back I’m planning to try and detox to make up for all of the alcohol I’m planning to drink ☺ You can’t go to Ibiza with a group of people and expect NOT to drink too much. I’m also going to try a wheat-free diet for a couple of weeks when I get back to see if that’s what’s causing my bloating. I cut out dairy from my diet for 3 weeks around the time I shot my calendar and I have to say I felt much better and stopped getting heart burn and feeling sick. The main problem I was trying to resolve was my bloating, though, and it didn’t improve that. Holland and Barrett do an allergy test in store that costs about £40. I’ve searched the internet for reviews etc about these tests and I think they’re probably not that reliable. Watchdog sent one of their guys to 3 different stores for the allergy test and each one came back with different results. On the other hand some people say they cut out the foods advised after the test and it has changed their lives. It will probably be another dead end but it’s worth a try.

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