Monday, 2 March 2009

Feb 16th

I’m feeling a lot better today and have actually managed to get up and go and walk the dog. I still feel queasy and have a chesty cough but at least I’m no longer bed-bound. I’m going to try and take Echinacea every day now to keep my immune system strong and prevent this from happening again. I’ve just been browsing the web looking for companies that do semi-permanent makeup. My Mum has very light eyebrows and has to use a pencil every day to make them more visible. She wanted to get them tattooed on so I said I’d pay for it for her birthday. One of the Sun Page 3 girls has just had hers done and they look great! The only problem is the price. Eyebrows cost around £300-500. If you can afford it I’d definitely recommend it though! Check out for some before and after pictures.

Feb 14th

I’ve been struck down by the dreaded flu. I was hoping it was just a cold but it’s definitely the flu, I can’t get out of bed and even having the light on hurts my head! This is the fourth day in bed now and I still don’t feel much better. I’ve got so much to do at the moment! This is such an inconvenience. Watch out guys, there’s a lot of it about right now!

Feb 7th

I’ve recently started to take a hobby of mine more seriously, DJing. I love it and I’ve now got myself an agent. I had my first set in a club last night. It was wicked but reeeeally scary! It’s so much different in a club than in your bedroom. I had a practice run in my local bar the week before and I’ve never shaken so much in my life. Even my legs were going! Last night I was using Rescue Remedy. You can buy it from any chemist or store such as boots or Superdrug for about £5. It’s completely natural and is suitable for anyone. It helps calm you down in stressful or emotional situations. You just put four drops on your tongue whenever you need it. I was using it all night before my set yesterday and it really worked. People said they would never have known it was my first time because I seemed so relaxed. If you’d seen me shaking the week before you would never have believed it. I’m going to carry it with me everywhere now, even on shoots and for castings etc.

Jan 20th

I bought myself a new toothbrush the other day and it’s just arrived in the post. It’s a Phillips Sonicare Healthy White Deluxe. I’ve used Phillips Sonicare toothbrushes for years now and love them. People always ask if I’ve had my teeth whitened, which I haven’t, and I’m sure it’s down to my Sonicare toothbrush. The reason I first bought one was because my friend in school bought one and I couldn’t believe the difference in her teeth. They were so much whiter! I’ve never looked back since buying my first one. This new one has different settings - normal clean, sensitive and whiten and clean. Once you press the on button it stays on for exactly 2 minutes and pulses every 30 seconds telling you to move to a different part of your mouth and allows you to clean your whole mouth evenly. The four parts of your mouth to clean are the front of the teeth at the top, the inside of the teeth at the top, the front of the teeth at the bottom and the inside of the teeth at the bottom. With the white mode you get an extra 30 seconds at the end of stronger pulses to clean the teeth that are visible when you smile. If you don’t already have an electric toothbrush I would definitely recommend getting one. I paid £67.49 for my new one, which is pretty cheap as the RRP is £100. I found the deal at Always shop around on line before buying something like this new.

Jan 15th

I had a shoot the other day, which I only found out about the day before so didn’t have time to go to my beauty salon and get my usual tan. I got my mum to spray me with one of St Tropez’s DIY spraytans. It’s called Aerobronze and sprays out in a really fine mist rather than the usual spray or mousse. I stood in the bath tub so I could easily wash it down with the shower after and prevent turning my carpet and walls orange! It was really easy to do and I was amazed with the results! Just as good as a salon result with no patches. Make sure if you use it, you do one body part at a time to avoid missing or overdoing patches. I copied how the girls in the salons do it, so if you get one done in a salon watch what they’re doing so you can copy them next time. For best results do two thin layers. Do your whole body section by section and then start again.

Jan 10th

I bought an amazing body scrub from Body Shop .It was half price so only cost about £5. I must go back and stock up! I bought it at the airport tax free making it a bit cheaper than usual. Online it’s £7.50. I always write a list when I go abroad of beauty products I need and get them at the airport to save a bit of money. Back to that scrub, it’s amazing if you use fake tan. It’s great for smoothing your skin before applying fake tan and great for getting the remains of fake tan off before your next application. It’s not like any other exfoliator I’ve used before, It comes in a tub and looks like red/brown sand mixed with dried herbs. Sounds strange but it really works. It actually contains particles of almond, coconut shell, apricot stone, lemongrass and cinnamon bark. Try it, it’s great.