Thursday, 15 May 2008

5th May

I was pretty devastated about missing two parties over the Bank Holiday weekend, but all the rest, Lemsips and Echinacea paid off and I made it to the photo shoot today feeling just a little bit shaky.

Luckily it didn't show in the pictures and they turned out pretty good. The style was different to any shoots I've done before. It was like fashion meets glamour. The magazine's called EM (Every Model) and the issue is based on glamour modeling, so if you’re an aspiring glamour girl you should check it out for some useful advice.

As I said in my last entry, the photographer doesn't stop for lunch so I took some dates to keep me going through the day. I remembered that Muslims eat dates after fasting as they're full of energy so I decided to give them a go and they really worked. I'm usually awful if I don't eat and get really moody and shaky but they kept me going nicely.

I had wet hair, full of product to keep it wet, and a load of baby oil on my skin for the shoot, so you can imagine how horrible my hair is now! I'll have to shampoo it three times to get it back to normal. I use really good hair care products at the moment. I use the Kerastase range, they're great. I've always had pretty good hair (apart from the fact it’s thinner than I'd like) so I didn't notice a huge change when I started using it but I bought it for my Mum and the change on her is amazing. She has very fine flyaway hair that you can't do much with and now it's so much more manageable and shiny.

Kerastase is definitely the best hair care range on the market but it's pretty costly. The shampoo costs approximately £12 (I use Bain Satin), and the conditioner is £16 (I use Lait Vital). Although they're really expensive you only need a tiny amount as they're very concentrated so they do last a while. They are sold in most good hair salons and if you go in, someone will tell you which range will be best for your hair.

My manager (she's a woman) is very fussy with what products she uses and likes all the expensive posh stuff but she really loves and recommends TRESemme shampoo and conditioners. They're really cheap and you get loads of it. Trust me, if it’s good enough for her it's good enough for the rest of us!

As I mentioned before, I'd like my hair to be a bit thicker so I'm constantly trying out new thickening products. I tried out the Kerastase thickening shampoo and conditioner and although they worked pretty well, they really dried out my hair.

I think it’s better to use styling products to thicken your hair than shampoos and conditioners as you need them to clean and condition your hair. Problem is, I've not found a styling product I've been particularly pleased with. Please fill me in if anybody knows of any.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May 3rd

So, I'm finally settled into my new flat in Manchester. Well almost, everything's still in boxes but at least it's all here. Next step - find a gym. The problem is that I like to do mainly Pilates and Yoga (3 Pilates classes and 2 yoga to be precise is my aim in a week) and in Manchester there are a lot less classes than in the gyms in London. I'll be lucky if I get one of each in a week. Also most the classes here are in the evening and there is no way you'd get me in a gym after 2pm! The fitness bug vanishes from me after lunch. There are some Pilates and yoga classes held in a yoga centre near my flat but they cost £6 a go and after a month the cost would add up. I also want to start doing a bit of swimming, so I’d have to join a gym as well. I'll work it out, hopefully before I lose my job for being out of shape. I've not been in a gym for over a month!!

I've never done much swimming, I had a horrible swimming teacher when I was younger who used to make us lie on the cold floor around the swimming pool for some strange reason. Since then I've hated swimming. I decided to do a couple of lengths when I was shooting in Mauritius and I couldn't believe how tiring it was, or how much my arms and chest ached. It’s obviously really good at getting your muscles working, though. One of the other Page 3 girls gave me a tip the other day, she said that she uses a float to make her lower half do all the work. I'm going to give it a go as soon as I sort this gym situation out.

I've woken up this morning with a bad cold. I would call it flu but I'm not a man! My Mum had one and now she's kindly passed it on to me. I'm meant to be going out for my best mate’s birthday tonight as well. I really could do with staying in and recovering while my mum runs backwards and forwards to my room with cups of lemon and honey (yuuuuum), but I don't want to let the birthday girl down. Also I've got a shoot for a modeling industry magazine on Monday called EM, so I need to be feeling better for that. Glamour models are often looked down on by fashion models so I've gotta do my best. On the email I got with the details of the shoot it said I'd be working 6-8 hours and the photographer doesn't stop for food until the end!!!! Yes, that’s right… no lunch break! I think he's confusing me with a fashion model, I NEED food or I become delirious and start to shake, ha (true though). It will be good to stop me getting bloated but it doesn't half put me in a bad mood when I've not eaten. I'll have to take a bag of nuts or something with me.