Thursday, 11 September 2008

Aug 18th

I had such a laugh at work over the weekend. I was working in a club in Wigan on Friday and one in Stoke on Saturday. Normally when I do this kind of stuff it’s purely work and I just want to do what I’ve got to do and leave, but in Stoke I had so much fun! I got pretty drunk and stayed all night. As soon as I walked in I had a huge smile on my face and couldn’t stop dancing. The music was pure cheese but it was great. Normally in clubs you get some bad vibes of people but in this club everyone was just out for a laugh. No-one could dance but no-one cared! Ha. Even the compere and the camera man were dancing away, loving it! Cheese isn’t my kind of thing but once in a blue moon it’s brill. A bit of the old ‘Mysterious Girl’ always goes down a treat and they even played the Vengaboys ‘Going to Ibiza’! Ha ha. I keep laughing to myself picturing us all doing the dance to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’. Yeeeehaaaaaaa.

I had my hair and nails done earlier in the day. My nails looked great. I had a red/orange gel put on. It’s great. I keep looking at them in shock that they haven’t chipped. Normally my nail varnish chips after about an hour but with the gel that never happens. I bought a nail varnish in the same colour so that when my nails begin to grow I can go over the top and fill the gap in. They also do a French manicure in the gel but my nails were a bit short. Now I’ve got a gel overlay, my nails will be protected (mainly from me biting them) and they’ll grow so next time I can get the French. I do like colour but a French manicure goes with everything.

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