Tuesday, 11 November 2008

November 7th

Ooooouch…….I had my tattoos removed today! I have one on my arm that I had done when I was 14, and one on my back that I had done when I was 15. Big mistake! There’s a reason you shouldn’t get tattoos until you’re 18. Tattoos should be meaningful or be a work of art, something that you’ll want on your body forever. I was told my first tattoo was a five-year one, but I was obviously conned as it’s still there eight years later! I just looked through a book and decided on the spot what one I wanted, stupid girl! Anyway I recently met Louis Malloy, a very well known tattooist who did David Beckham’s tattoos. He said he’d remove them for me and work on a new design for my back. I hate the tattoo on my arm and have it removed in photos. It has lost me jobs in the past, I’d be unlikely to get jobs such as adverts and commercial work because it’s a pain to remove or cover up my tattoo in retouching - they’d much rather take on a girl with no tattoos. So if you’re thinking of getting into modeling, stay away from them. The one on my back isn’t that bad but I want something new there. I wasn’t at all expecting it to be as painful as it was - much more painful than actually having the tattoo in the first place! It felt like being flicked with an elastic band over and over but 100 times worse. The best part was that it didn’t take that long, about 10 minutes for my arm and 20 for my back. I have to go back every month to go through the horrible process again until they’re completely gone. Louis reckons it will take about four sessions for my arm and five for my back. My Mum was in the room next door and could hear me in agony. There was a lot of swearing! It’s very bruised at the moment but I was told it will probably blister, which it hasn’t, so that’s good.

October 30th

I’ve bought a new lip balm recently, Burt's Bees. At first I wasn’t keen and was going to go back to using my favourite Carmex, which I’ve used for years, but then I realised it’s actually really good! Although Carmex feels better when you first put it on, Burt’s Bees actually makes your lips feel really soft even after it has worn off. It contains beeswax and coconut oil. I’m definately going to keep it with me in this cold weather. My lips get so dry in the winter, which can also bring on coldsores. I bought my friend a set of 3 Burt’s Bees lip balms for her birthday. They come with a little key ring that attaches to the lip balm so you can keep one on your keys. I thought it was a great idea as I’m constantly losing my lip balms. It cost £11.

October 25th

I’m going out tonight for my friend’s birthday so I’m gonna get dolled up. I love doing my make-up before I go out. I’ve always enjoyed art and I guess doing your make-up involves a bit of artistic talent. I especially love doing my eyes, that’s definately a piece of art, creating definition and using different colours to shade and enhance. It’s the same with your blusher, you should use a colour that’s slightly darker than your own skin colour to give definition just below your cheekbone, and a lighter colour on the apples of your cheeks. I use a pinky colour or an orangy one depending on my eyeshadow. If you smile it’s easier to find the apples of your cheeks and suck your cheeks in to find where to put the darker colour. A bit of highlighter on the top of your cheeks looks great too. Highlighters are amazing and have so many uses! You can put a bit underneath your eyebrow to enhance your eyes and even put a little just above your top lip in the middle where it dips in to enhance your lips. Don’t go mad though, you don’t want to look like a sparkly Christmas tree!