Thursday, 11 September 2008

Aug 8th

I’m finally over my food poisoning. In fact, I’ve been OK for almost a week now but my appetite is completely messed up. To make matters worse my family and I are going through a stressful situation at the moment. A combination of the food poisoning and now this, means my appetite has completely vanished! The only things I fancy are stuff like Cadbury’s Time Outs and Space Raider crisps! If it carries on much longer I’ll have to resign from writing this blog! I’m really lacking motivation as well, and haven’t managed to get into the gym. It’s unbelievable how much stress affects your mind and body. A lot of illnesses are caused by, or are made worse by, stress. IBS is an example. My digestive system gets much worse when I’m stressed and I end up with coldsores.

I need to start learning to manage and control my stress. It’s not bad situations that cause problems but the way we deal with them. I’m not a religious person but I’ve always been interested in Buddhism. Most psychiatrists and psychologists help people who suffer with problems such as depression or anxiety with something called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which basically helps change the way you think. The basis of this treatment comes from the teachings of Buddhism. Meditation is taught in Buddhism and this is another widely used treatment for reducing stress and anxiety. I’m planning to go down to my local Buddhist centre to do a course of meditation. I’m a complete stress head and let everything get to me. I need to learn to relax! I’ve persuaded my Mum to come with me, I’ll let you know how it goes.

On a different note, going back to my entry on the 11th July, I called the number on the Biosculpture website to locate a salon in Manchester and they advised me to call Harvey Nichols. They cost £49 for a gel overlay and every time you want an infill they remove the whole thing and start again costing another £49. A bit pricey in my eyes! I’ve been meaning to call Biosculpture back and ask if there are any small salons that do it, surely they’ll be cheaper.

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