Tuesday, 12 February 2008

January 30th

I’m excited today because my girl friends are coming down from Manchester for a big party weekender! I’ve got loads planned for us including a night at a comedy club in Leicester Square and club hopping round the West End, ending with a big kebab. I’ll fill you in on what we get up to next week. My mum bought me some new tea by Twinings called Digestiv the other day, which apparently aids digestion. You see I’ve got the worst digestive system (another reason I try and eat well), I get really bloated and often get horrible heartburn, and so I gave the tea a go. It tasted rank!!!!! I normally drink honey and lemon in the morning if I’ve got time, so I added half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey to it, and it now tastes pretty damn good! I only started yesterday so I’m not sure of its effect, but I’m going to start aiming to have one after every meal. In fact I think I’ll put some in my bag now to drink at my Zoo shoot tomorrow. I was at a shoot the other day and my make-up artist was this lovely American lady who said she used to suffer badly from bloating but now regularly has colonic hydrotherapy, which has completely eliminated her problem! ‘Gotta be worth a try’ I thought, until she explained what they do! You basically have a tube shoved up your bum and water pumped up and then sucked back out again along with whatever else is inside! Yes that’s right, you have a hose and a hover put up your bum! Very glamorous. I was instantly put off, but then I spoke to one of my good friends who’s a photographer (I won’t tell you who for because she’ll kill me, but her pics always end up on Page 3 of a certain popular paper). She told me she often goes on detox holidays in LA and had regular colonics and also thinks they’re great. That’s two recommendations now so I’m going to have to put my pride aside and give it a go. Wish me luck and I’ll tell you how it goes, don’t worry, I’ll keep details to a minimum, ha.


Curly said...

Good luck :P

Stonch said...

Good to see you accept up front you'll be having a kebab at the end of the night! It always happens. Good doners up in Manchester I recall.