Tuesday, 12 February 2008

January 24th

My friend Claire’s coming round for a girly catch up tonight. She’s a northern lass like me. We were introduced by a mutual friend when we both moved to London for university. We’ve been bum chums ever since. Anyway I’m cooking us a big meal tonight! It’s not just a surname, you know! I’m pretty good in the kitchen if I do say so myself. We’ll be having tuna steak cooked in my special way. I think it’s always good to eat home cooked food, simply because you know what you’re eating. I hardly ever buy processed foods to have at home. Most of my main meals consist of meat/fish, some natural seasoning, a type of veg and potatoes or brown rice, and I can list all the ingredients I’ve used to make it. Just look at the ingredients on the back of some ready meals! I’ve not even heard of half of them! When food’s processed it loses a lot of its nutritional value, and they’re normally full of salt, sugar and saturated fat. Not good! I know it’s convenient to bang something in the oven or microwave but there are a lot of healthy meals that taste great and are easy peasy to make. Although it looks ultra posh, the meal I’m cooking tonight is a breeze to make.
Try it. (I kind of make things up as I go along so feel free to change the amounts to suit your taste)

To make the sauce/marinade-

Handful of chopped coriander
Half a chopped red chilli
Juice of a lime
Splash of oil
1 clove of garlic crushed
Pinch of sea salt and pepper

2 fresh tuna steaks

Rice (preferably brown)

Avocado sliced

Balsamic vinegar to drizzle over the avocado (yum)

Simply mix all the ingredients together for the sauce and cover the tuna steaks in it and put in the fridge for around 20mins. I use Jamie Oliver's flavour shaker to mix the ingredients. It was only £10 and is brilliant for making marinades.

In the meantime cook the rice as instructed

Heat a griddle. I spray it with some olive oil called fry light, which is just 1 calorie per spray. When hot put the tuna steaks on and cook depending on how well done you like your tuna. I cook for about 4 mins each side, turning the steaks 90 degrees half way through on each side to get that criss cross effect.

When done place the tuna on a plate, pour in the remaining marinade in the pan and heat for a minute.

Put the rice on the plate and the sliced avocado. Then pour the marinate over the tuna and rice and finally drizzle a little balsamic over the avocado.

Voila… posh nosh made easy!

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