Monday, 3 March 2008

4th February

My friends left to catch the train to Manchester this morning. We had a wicked weekend but I had severe PMT. Unfortunately, for my friends and family, I suffer really badly from PMT most probably as a result of my endometriosis. Endometriosis is a fairly common condition in which cells that usually line the womb are found elsewhere in the body. It affects approximately 2 million women in the UK. It’s rarely talked about and many people don’t realise they have it. I was a bit reluctant to mention it in my blog at first with it being such a personal subject for me, but then I thought about how common it is and how little it’s spoken about so I thought I’d spread a bit of awareness.
From a young age I’ve had really painful periods, which is a big sign of endometriosis. Although you can have operations to correct it, it never fully goes away and can cause infertility. I had fertility tests done when I found out I had it to calm my mind, and luckily found that I’m fine. Now I’m just left with horrendous mood swings for about a week before I’m due on. I get really snappy and irritable and often find myself crying my eyes out thinking my life’s a mess for no reason. It is really hard because I find it impossible to snap out of it once it happens. When it’s all over I think to myself ‘you idiot’, but at the time it’s like something takes over me that I really can’t control that makes me look at everything in a negative way.
It’s frustrating that PMT’s referred to as a joke a lot of the time when it can really mess up people’s lives. My mum avoids me near the time of my period now. I would too! She calls me Kevin from Harry Enfield And Chums. A couple of years ago someone suggested Evening Primrose Oil, B Vitamins and Magnesium to ease my PMT. It really does works for me, so if you suffer from bad mood swings at that time of the month, I strongly recommend it. If anyone knows of anything else that helps, please let me know. When I went back to Manchester over Xmas I forgot to take any vitamins with me so it’s my own fault I’ve been so Kevin-like.
Anyway, back to my wild weekend. The first night we went to see a comedian in Leicester Square, which was a laugh. Then we went to Chinatown for more alcohol and a load of greasy food full of sugar and salt. It was worth it, though! After that I took my friend to a gay bar in Soho (she’s recently come out of the closet), It was so much fun and when it closed at 3am, we went on to another club that stayed open until 6. I did all this with just a little bit of mascara on, a woolly hat and my Ugg boots! Not my usual club gear! We all had a brilliant night and I think the fact it was so spontaneous made it even better. They’re always the best, don’t you think? The next day we did it all again minus the comedy and with a little more make-up. We went to a club in the West End and had a really good night. The music was amazing, which makes a change because I was beginning to get sick of partying in central London due to the same crowd and commercial music you get every week. I know it’s naughty but once again we ended up in Chinatown after the club. We had a 3am Chinese fix. The next morning (Sunday) I dragged myself out of bed and made a full-on Sunday roast with all the trimmings. The girls were impressed and it was the perfect ending to a brilliant weekend.

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