Tuesday, 12 February 2008

January 19th

I went for my weekly big shop today. I’m following a strict shopping list at the moment that I prepared while lying in bed in Manchester suffering from a hangover. What a productive way of spending a hangover day, much better than the usual Hollyoaks omnibus! I not only wanted to plan my weekly meals to ensure I’m eating enough good food but also to prevent me wasting so much food. Before Christmas I was buying food willy-nilly and spending far too much money. I was buying food when I already had loads in the fridge and then having to throw it away before I’d even opened it because it had gone off. My mum was disgusted when she came to stay with me and looked in my fridge! She said she saw the box of blueberries walk across the shelf towards the pot of green hummus, and no, it wasn’t hummus with basil. Yuk! It is hard though, as I live on my own and most things come in portions for families so they go off before I get a chance to eat them. Especially salad. I wish they made mini bags of single portion salad. I bought loads of fruit today. I try and snack throughout the day on fruits. Its important to eat a colourful variety of fruit and vegetables as each different colour contains different amounts and types of vitamins and minerals. I try to eat at least three a day. I know it’s not the recommended five, but it’s a start. My latest is eating a handful of blueberries on my Bran Flakes in the morning. It may not seem as tempting as a big fry-up but knowing how healthy and nutritious it is, really gives you a boost for the day. One of my guy friends always has porridge with chopped up strawberries for his breakfast (he’s also very health conscious). It looked pretty good! I’d give it a go but I never really like porridge I’ve made myself. Mum’s always tastes better so maybe I’ll try it when I’m back in Manchester.

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