Tuesday, 12 February 2008

December 29th 2007

I can’t believe a year’s gone by since I won The Sun's Page 3 Idol. It’s gone soooo quick. Anyway, I’m glad it’s nearly a new year because a new year means a new start. It’s the time when I try and put everything that’s wrong in my life, right (try being the important word here). Life always tends to get a bit messy by the end of the year. I’ve not been to the gym for over a month, I’ve been having far too many late nights, coming home in the early hours, eating whatever crap I can get my drunken hands on and crashing out without taking off my make-up, brushing my back-combed hair or taking my extensions out. Not a good idea! Yes, I wake up with what feels like a large dreadlock on top of my head, looking like Amy Winehouse after one of her benders. My poor hair and skin!

I’ve just realised I’ve been waffling on and not even mentioned why I’m here and writing this blog. So here it is: since a young age I’ve been interested in health and fitness and since becoming a model it’s something that’s been even more important to me. After seeing and feeling the results of a healthy lifestyle, I know it’s something that will be a part of my life forever. I decided to write a blog on my struggle to stay gorgeous and healthy. I’m constantly trying out new forms of exercise, new healthy foods and endless beauty products, so I wanted to share it all with you. I’ve been really enjoying modelling, but I have to admit, its pretty mind-numbing, especially after studying physics, chemistry, biology and then architecture (honestly, I’m not a geek). Although modelling’s a lot harder than people believe, it doesn’t take much brainpower! So, as one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to use my brain more, I decided to write a blog and share all my health and beauty tips with you guys. Just call me your guinea pig!

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Gaurdian Angel said...

Hey Sam I think you are very unique. I think you are a rare find. Plus I think you could go all the way.