Tuesday, 12 February 2008

January 28th

I’m going to meet a new personal trainer this afternoon. My old one was a bit shit! This new guy’s been recommended to me by a friend who works in the gym in the membership department. He reckons he’s really good. Everyone has their problem areas and mine is my stomach. I look after myself so it’s not bad, but it is the area I have to work on and if I put weight on it goes there and on my boobs. You know I’m not gonna worry about a bit of extra weight in my boobs though. ☺ My stomach on the other hand is a big no no! Some men say they like a little bit of a curve on a woman’s stomach but in my eyes it’s definitely not a good look. I’d rather have a fat ass and legs than a big stomach, but then people who do put weight on in those places hate it. I guess we always want what we haven’t got. Doing 800 sit-ups a day won’t budge fat, though. If anything it could increase the size of your stomach as the muscles increase in size. To get rid of it you have to do fat-burning exercise like running, swimming or dancing, anything that gets your heart rate up. Fat’s not the only problem though, you need to tone your stomach and keep it pulled in. This is my main focus in exercise, I know I could get my stomach perfect by losing a bit of weight but I’d be too skinny and lose some of my boobs. I like curvy girls - I hate the skinny look and think someone that’s size zero would look sooooo horrible naked, even if they do look pretty good in gorgeous designer clothes on a catwalk. In real life though, I think it’s a horrible look and obviously very unhealthy. Some girls naturally have an ironing board flat, hard stomach (lucky bitches, ha) but most of us don’t. I’ve been looking on the Internet for a belly dancing DVD because I’ve heard it’s brilliant for core strength and getting a flat stomach. I might learn some sexy moves in the process as well, which can’t be a bad thing. Once I’ve got the DVD I might put a video up on YouTube of some of the new moves I’ve learnt to show you! Yeah right! Ha.

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