Monday, 2 March 2009

Jan 10th

I bought an amazing body scrub from Body Shop .It was half price so only cost about £5. I must go back and stock up! I bought it at the airport tax free making it a bit cheaper than usual. Online it’s £7.50. I always write a list when I go abroad of beauty products I need and get them at the airport to save a bit of money. Back to that scrub, it’s amazing if you use fake tan. It’s great for smoothing your skin before applying fake tan and great for getting the remains of fake tan off before your next application. It’s not like any other exfoliator I’ve used before, It comes in a tub and looks like red/brown sand mixed with dried herbs. Sounds strange but it really works. It actually contains particles of almond, coconut shell, apricot stone, lemongrass and cinnamon bark. Try it, it’s great.

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