Monday, 2 March 2009

Jan 15th

I had a shoot the other day, which I only found out about the day before so didn’t have time to go to my beauty salon and get my usual tan. I got my mum to spray me with one of St Tropez’s DIY spraytans. It’s called Aerobronze and sprays out in a really fine mist rather than the usual spray or mousse. I stood in the bath tub so I could easily wash it down with the shower after and prevent turning my carpet and walls orange! It was really easy to do and I was amazed with the results! Just as good as a salon result with no patches. Make sure if you use it, you do one body part at a time to avoid missing or overdoing patches. I copied how the girls in the salons do it, so if you get one done in a salon watch what they’re doing so you can copy them next time. For best results do two thin layers. Do your whole body section by section and then start again.

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