Monday, 2 March 2009

Feb 7th

I’ve recently started to take a hobby of mine more seriously, DJing. I love it and I’ve now got myself an agent. I had my first set in a club last night. It was wicked but reeeeally scary! It’s so much different in a club than in your bedroom. I had a practice run in my local bar the week before and I’ve never shaken so much in my life. Even my legs were going! Last night I was using Rescue Remedy. You can buy it from any chemist or store such as boots or Superdrug for about £5. It’s completely natural and is suitable for anyone. It helps calm you down in stressful or emotional situations. You just put four drops on your tongue whenever you need it. I was using it all night before my set yesterday and it really worked. People said they would never have known it was my first time because I seemed so relaxed. If you’d seen me shaking the week before you would never have believed it. I’m going to carry it with me everywhere now, even on shoots and for castings etc.

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