Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Jan 6th

I can’t believe how quickly I’ve lost weight. I’m almost at my ideal size. I got a timetable of classes available at my gym and wrote out my own schedule of the classes I could do and put it on my fridge. I did one to two classes a day (apart from New Year’s Eve because the gym was shut). I also walked my dog every day, which helped. I’ve never done any aerobics classes before and always thought people who do them look completely hilarious, but I really enjoyed them! They were great. I did one called Body Attack. The instructor said if you stick at it you can lose 900 calories per class. It was a great workout and the moves were actually quite fun. I’m going to calm down with the amount of classes I do now - I’ve lost most of the weight, I’m just going to make sure I don’t stop going to the gym and eating so badly like I did over Christmas. I’m going to write a new timetable that I can stick to as well. Don’t let this make you feel guilty for not going to the gym as much as this – it’s part of my job. My neighbour Leanne has just started a new fitness regime. She’s a solicitor so works long hours and doesn’t have time to go to the gym that much. She’s started cycling to work and back and goes to the gym on a Saturday. Doing a bit of exercise in the morning gives you a lift for the day. Exercising releases endorphins, which make you feel happy. Getting fit and feeling happy, what more can you ask for?


Anonymous said...

You're right Sam. Exercising makes you feel better overall. Though it uses a lot of energy to exercise, ironically, it also gives you more energy to last throughout the day in the long run. You tire less and feel less stress.

You're comments on going to the gym actually helps motivate me to maintain my healthy lifestyle as well. I'm 22 year old student nurse trying to balance my life, stress, and full time status as a student. Stay healthy! You look beautiful.

Gaurdian Angel said...

Hi Sam I understand how life can be and I know what you want. I know what every woman wants. This is totally your choice of free will. If you would like to know how I can make your dreams come true check out may blog every day. Hopefully you will leave comments too.