Monday, 2 March 2009

Feb 16th

I’m feeling a lot better today and have actually managed to get up and go and walk the dog. I still feel queasy and have a chesty cough but at least I’m no longer bed-bound. I’m going to try and take Echinacea every day now to keep my immune system strong and prevent this from happening again. I’ve just been browsing the web looking for companies that do semi-permanent makeup. My Mum has very light eyebrows and has to use a pencil every day to make them more visible. She wanted to get them tattooed on so I said I’d pay for it for her birthday. One of the Sun Page 3 girls has just had hers done and they look great! The only problem is the price. Eyebrows cost around £300-500. If you can afford it I’d definitely recommend it though! Check out for some before and after pictures.


John said...

Hiya Sam, for most people recovery from flu takes about one week but it can be such an ordeal at times that not having had the nasty flu would have been so much better altogether. Sure makes you feel so lousy! For some at-risk people it can even be life-threatening and lead to hospital admission, which is why I always remind my Mum to get her free flu jab each year around October-November. It can really make a difference health-wise between having had a rotten or a sound winter afterwards (also makes it so much easier for me to wish her a Happy Mother's Day too! ;-). Some nutritious foods can help strengthen your immune system: Vitamine C-rich fresh tomatoes, peaches, apples, broccoli and mushrooms, whole grains, garlic, oregano, yogurt and green tea. Salmon is also an immune boosting food. I like having those in my meals when winter comes. And of course when outside I always bundle up with lots of clothing so as to keep warm and cozy! Cheers

Rajiv U said...


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