Tuesday, 14 October 2008

September 29th

I’ve finally got my Slendertone out of its box and I have to say I love it! I haven’t seen results yet as I’ve only used it for a week but I can really feel it working. I do it when I’m walking the dog or watching EastEnders or Corrie ☺ You use it 5 times a week for 30 minutes. The only disadvantage is you look a bit like a suicide bomber and every 5 seconds it makes your stomach contract, so you look like you’re pushing out a number two ha, sorry. Talking of my fitness regime, I’ve discovered why I used to almost pass out when I’d go on a running machine, I was going too fast! I’ve slowed it down just a smidge and now I breeze through! I always push myself too hard. Even in yoga I always try and do the most advanced moves, nearly falling over and breaking my back, It’s always best to start at the very beginning and work up. I’ve started doing a 10 minute run to warm up at the gym before I work out. I mentioned in previous blog entries how I do no cardio to prevent losing weight, well actually, my boobs, but I’ve been told by my doctor that doing a bit of cardio is really important for circulation and that it would be really unhealthy to cut it out completely. I did start swimming as I mentioned a while ago but as it’s getting colder I’ve given it up. Actually that’s probably just an excuse, I never stick at anything when it comes to diet and fitness. I’m constantly getting new ideas and trying new things! Varying your routine is important to keep it interesting - I get really bored doing the same routine over and over.

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Arfon said...

very interesting read & a good insight into the daily/weekly regimes you go through to stay fit and healthy.

I thought I'd tag this onto this comment as its mostly fitness related

I've been trying for a while now to get back into some sort of fitness routine (although, by saying getting back, I don't feel I've ever really been, if you know what I mean!) But last Summer something clicked in my head, enough was enough so I booked 3 months gym membership & started what is known as the British Heart Foundation diet (basically a 3 day set plan that claims to help you lose 10lbs a week - which you do in the 1st week cus its mostly liquids that you lose).

Anyways, starting off at 18st 4 (which is embarrassing I know, even if its not too bad for a 5ft 10 person, its still too much) and after 3 months of doing this diet and cardio work at the gym (treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine and bike) I managed to lose 28lbs and could fit in jeans 4 inches smaller round the waist than at the start.

The fitness regime I started on at my heaviest was about 10 mins exercise bike, 5 mins rowing machine, 5 mins cross trainer and 20mins treadmill at a quick walking pace (3.5miles per hour walking) which roughly equated to about 350kcals burnoff according to the machines.

As I became more used to using these machines, I was finding it much easier to do 25mins on the exercise bike on a low incline, 20minutes rowing machine and 30 minutes cross trainer. I really loved using the cross trainer, esp on the multi incline programme with it ranging from a steady level 5 incline to a huge level 17 incline!! Not only did I enjoy the workout, but the machine was nicely positioned in front of an air conditioning vent!

One day I set myself a goal, do my usual 20 minutes warm up on the exercise bike, followed by the 20minutes on the rowing machine and do 2 sets of 30 minutes on the cross trainer...which I achieved and according to the machines, collectively I burnt off 1250kcals in that session alone (950 of which were from the cross trainer alone). Bear in mind the 3 day diet plan only amounted up to about 800kcals per day.....

What I've discovered most recently through working at the hospital is that this 3 day British Heart diet is prescribed to those who are looking to have surgery but need to undergo this emergency diet to avoid serious operation complications. It most certainly isn't one that's a long term prescription and indeed all the broccoli and green beans every 1st day of the diet is a bit bleurgh!!

I've lost that motivation I had, but I hope its coming back to make a difference for a nice Christmas again this year.