Tuesday, 14 October 2008

October 1st

I went for an allergy test today at my local health store. These kinds of tests have had a lot of criticism as they seem to be very inaccurate but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. I was sent up to a room above the shop where a funny looking lady was waiting for me. She had a huge bouffant hairdo, backcombed to death, and bright blue eye shadow. She was a nutritionalist and hypnotherapist although she reminded me more of someone who would read a crystal ball. She sat me down in front of a table with a strange-looking machine on it. She asked me to hold a thick metal rod thing and then pulled out a box full of tiny glass bottles containing different substances, which she was going to test me for. One at a time she put the tiny bottles into a hole in the machine and gently pressed a small rod, also attached to the machine, onto my finger. It made a strange squeaking noise. She repeated this with every different container and the ones I was supposedly intolerant to made a different pitched noise. I heard a big variation of noises so I was pretty worried about what she was going to tell me. I’ve told you all how much I love my food so to be told I can’t have some of it is pretty devastating to me and being the type of person that always wants what I can’t have makes matters even worse. I was expecting her to say something bad but never as bad as it was! I’ve tried cutting out wheat and dairy on separate occasions and both times, although my bloating problem didn’t improve, I did feel better and had less indigestion. So I’d already considered the fact that I could possibly be intolerant to wheat and dairy but was in denial as it’s like a nightmare to me. I love anything creamy, cheesy or buttery and can’t stand the thought of living without bread, pasta, pastry or pizza!! Anyway the dreaded results, you won’t believe what she said! I’m intolerant to cow’s milk and wheat, as expected, but on top of that… SUGAR, a food flavouring that’s in all Chinese food and crisps, all orange colouring and sweeteners!! To top it off she said I was also intolerant to lager and whiskey! It wouldn’t be so bad if my favourite drinks weren’t a pint of lager in the day and a JD and coke in the evening! Typical! I must have done something reeeeally bad in a past life! Like I say they’re not necessarily 100% accurate but I have always thought I could possibly be intolerant to quite a few things as my symptoms are every day and I can never see a pattern with one particular food. I’m just going to cut down as much as possible and see if that makes a difference. I’m not going to start for a week though so I can pile in as much sugar, wheat and dairy as possible.

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