Tuesday, 14 October 2008

October 5th

I ordered an amazing card today called a Hi-Life Card. I’ve known about them for years but never remembered to order one. They cost £49 and entitle you to get Buy One Get One Free on all starters, mains and deserts at hundreds of restaurants ranging from Franky & Benny’s to Harvey Nicholls restaurant. Looks like my diet will have to go on hold ☺

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Pink Blood said...

Im universal, controversial..
devilishly perverse..
Defeat me, Press delete..
I thought u fuckers wanted me to go..
all the way down.
six feet under..
or do u all actually wanna hear my thunder.
So you must be the lightning bolt..
the electrical jolt,
Im Shocked - It must be all my fault.
I'll buy a colt..
and deal with the problem..
but then I think, 'why would I wanna rob them'..
Of all these sick messages that I send..
and so we try and drive each other round the bend..

To offend, and then defend..
but whats the point in tryna mend,
somethin that's permanently broken..
I smashed the locks to keep the Doors open.

YO! that verse was soo close,
you see i'm finer tuned than a bose..
Soundsystem.. YEP!
I'm the difference..
So lyrically conditioned.. I'll achieve a perfect vision..
an impossible mission,
no witch too fine to piss on.
So now u know.. I'm extreme.. and this is my sport,
I'll slice the record without a second thought.

see I'm never gonna lose connection,
cos im in control of all my warped perceptions,
is that me? The world wide web..
able to monitor whats goin on in my head,
i'm my own anti-virus..
able to move about like your wireless..
at a speed that can handle any download..
the lock IS broke..
but no-one knows the code.
I'm gonna switch mode,
and give u all an upload..
Are u ready?
I'm gonna infect ur lymph nodes...

I'm a verbal disease..
sort of like herpes..
but please..
don't itch..
cos i'll flick your switch..
and turn you from witch.. into bitch,
then you'll crash..
like my Lambourghini in a ditch.

So.. that's the story of me and the net..
and how popular I'm gonna get,
then I'm flyin in my private jet..
with a Playboy Bunny as my pet...
Wanna bet?

Ok.. I'll put down a wager..
that I'm gonna make it even more Major..
than the League Of Baseball..
watch me climb?
then watch me fall?
No Problem... cos I'm the Bloody firewall.