Thursday, 23 October 2008

October 10th

I’m obsessed with herbal tea at the moment. I have so many different types in my cupboard, each one with different benefits. I tend to drink a cup of ‘clarity’ ginger, lemongrass and gofu kola tea in the morning, which is an organic herbal blend to focus and uplift. It’s by a company called Pukka who won a Great Taste Gold Award in 2007 and tastes lovely. I then have a tea by Dr Stuarts called Skin Purify, a ‘beautifying herbal infusion’ including red clover, nettle leaves and dandelion leaves. After lunch and dinner I always have a tea to aid digestion such as Peppermint tea or Twining’s ‘Digestif’. If I’m feeling run down I’ll start every morning with half to a full lemon juiced and hot water. If you fancy a bit of sweetness add some honey. Lemon juice aids your liver in flushing out unwanted toxins. Do that for a week or two and drink a load of water through the day and you’ll be feeling much better, It’s the easiest and cheapest way to detox. Another good one is adding some chopped up ginger if you’re feeling sick.

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