Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dec 26th

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written but I would have had to just lie if I wrote anything because I have done nothing worth writing about in terms of health, diet and fitness!! The Christmas season got to me and I overdosed on mince pies, chocolates and parties. I’ve put on so much weight! In real life it looks fine but as a model under lights I don’t look good at all! I had December off so I hadn’t realised the weight I’d put on. I’d completely stopped going to the gym and it wasn’t until Christmas Eve that I realised how bad it had got! I was doing my last minute shopping in Selfridges when I got side tracked and ended looking for clothes for myself in the sale. I was in a changing room trying some stuff on and couldn’t believe my reflection. It must have had something to do with the lighting (well that’s what I was telling myself!) but I have never seen me look so Shrek-like. I’ve never suffered from cellulite so I was shocked to see so many lumps and bumps. Aaaaaaaargh! Nightmare! That’s it now, no more wine - gin and slimline tonic from now on. I’m not going to go on a strict diet because I love my food too much. I’m just going to try and eat more healthily, cut down on the naughty things and go to the gym every day. I have a shoot on the 7th January so I’ve not got much time. I don’t normally do many cardio classes at the gym, I usually just do Pilates, yoga or body pump but I’m going to do a cardio class every day now until the 7th. I’ve even cancelled New Year’s Eve this year as I can’t afford to have a two-day hangover!

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