Wednesday, 28 January 2009

November 22nd

I’m back now and although I’m absolutely knackered and could sleep for a week, I had an absolutely amazing time. The guys were great and seeing their faces all light up when we arrived to take pictures with them and sign photos was great. On top of that I learnt so much about how the army works. It’s pretty amazing actually! I couldn’t believe they actually had a Pizza Hut, Subway and Burger King on camp! The best part (being an animal lover) had to be meeting the army dogs. Did you know they even have a swimming pool for them for when they get too hot in the summer? I could tell you soooo much more but this blog is about health, beauty and fitness and not the army so back to the mascara,miracle pills and Spanx, eh? Talking of Spanx, I thought they were something that just grannies wear, but I’ve recently heard a load of young girls talking about how great they are, including some models. Fancy that! I’m gonna buy myself a pair for those nights that start with a three-course meal in a restaurant, and try and beat the pizza bulge! There was a picture of Kim out of Girls Aloud wearing a pair that come halfway down your thighs. I think I’ll get the thong version to avoid that kind of embarrassment. She actually denied in an interview wearing them and said they were tights she’d cut. Why on earth would you wear tights cut halfway down your thigh?? Us girls should just admit sometimes that we need a little help. We’re all comfortable with wearing make-up to enhance our looks, so why not use underwear in the same way?

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