Tuesday, 8 July 2008

31st May

I stocked up on my Clinique yesterday. I bought a clarifying lotion and facial soap. If you buy two or more products you can usually get ‘bonus time’. Bonus time is a free gift normally consisting of mini Clinique products and a make-up/toiletry bag. Different stores have different bonus time offers so make sure you look around to get the best free products for you. I usually go to Selfridges, John Lewis or Boots.

Clinique’s sales must be down at the moment because I was amazed with the free gifts they gave away this time! I got it from John Lewis but I think every store has the same offer at the moment. I got a really nice white leather toiletry bag with some of their best products, including a make-up remover, body scrub, moisturiser, body butter and facial scrub. The best thing was that they all came in pretty big bottles rather than the usual mini ones, bargain!

Another bargain I’m loving at the moment is the cheap tickets Virgin are offering between Manchester and London, great if you’re a model from Manchester! A return from Manchester is usually about £61 unless you have a Young Person’s Railcard, which costs £20 for the year and gives you 30% of any train journeys. The return works out at £41.20, which is still quite a lot especially if you’re just going to a casting and aren’t necessarily getting paid. Anyway, if you go on the home page, there’s a section that says something like ‘cheap tickets between London and Manchester’, between Monday and Friday they offer tickets from £1-£9 each way! It’s brilliant. You’ve got to book as early as possible though to make sure they haven’t sold out. Everyone’s catching onto it now so they’re selling out quick. If you book the week before you should be fine. A little tip there for my fellow Mancs.

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