Tuesday, 8 July 2008

16th June

I’ve been preparing everything for a shoot I’m doing next week in Tobago for my 2009 calendar. I’ve been to Boots today and got all my bits and bobs. I always bring and apply my own mascara on a shoot so I bought a new one to take today. I think everyone can put mascara on themselves better than someone else doing it for you (unless your completely useless when it comes to putting make-up on!) Also I don’t like the idea of using a brush that’s been used on loads of other girl’s eyes. I use - and absolutely love - L'Oreal Lash Architect. I’ve always loved L’Oreal mascaras. I’ve tried many others including the pricey ones but always gone back to L’Oreal. The make-up artist I work with a lot also loves Lash Architect, but then I’ve also heard some people say they hate it. Everyone has different eyelashes and need a mascara to create different effects. I have really long eyelashes and need a mascara that will define them and coat them smoothly without clogging them up. Lash Architect really does the trick. Some of my friends have quite short eyelashes and say it gives them a really good effect so it seems it’s a good all rounder. Give it a go.

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