Tuesday, 8 July 2008

22nd June

I’m sitting in the airport waiting for the plane to take me to Tobago. I love invading the MACcounter at airports. Well not quite, but I love trying on all the new products. I usually look a right mess when I get on the plane with a face full of random colours. This time I bought a really gorgeous eye shadow/glitter thingy in a bronzey gold colour. I’ve just pulled it out of my bag to give you a better description ☺ They’re called Solar Bits and are pearlized pigment clusters. They’re gorge.

I’ve got my fingers crossed at the moment because the weather forecast for Tobago doesn’t look great. In fact it’s terrible! Thunderstorms all week! The good thing about Caribbean weather is that one minute there can be a storm and the next minute bright sunshine. The styling for my calendar is bright colours and I really need blue skies and sunshine. I know people think you can completely change the background of a picture with Photoshop but it’s really not that simple. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Jade gardener said...

I Really enojoyed reading your blogs as i love make up & cant usually find decent things lol.i have added you on facebook & that and a few other models.i allways love reading my boyfriends zoo & nuts. i think your the most stunning and confident model in there and i love reading about what you say and that, also like amii grove. Im only 16 but would absolutley love to do what you do, but i havent really told anyone as people have different opioins on it, I Have a friend that is a glamour model and she is great. Good Luck with everyhing that you do. Your absolutley gorgoeus and i really look up to you. Hope you dont think im a weidro haha. Love Jade -o0x'