Wednesday, 13 August 2008

July 2nd

I got back from Tobago on Sunday morning. I’m sooooooo tired because I went straight back to work and missed a night of sleep. I really struggle to sleep on planes unless I’m with a boyfriend and can sprawl all over him, or if I’m sat next to a spare seat and can lie down. I just don’t understand how peoples’ body’s can switch off in an upright position! I need my legs up and my head resting on something. Anyway, the flight home, which was a night flight, was delayed, so I decided to get on the good old Tobagan rum in the hope that when we actually got on the plane I might have been able to sleep.

That never happened! My body was so tired but I just couldn’t switch off. So now I’m faced with jet lag, a missed night of sleep and a hangover! Oh, and did I mention the bottle of rum I drank on the last night to celebrate finishing the calendar? It had to be done! As you can imagine, with me going straight back to work with a really busy week, I’m totally worn out. From Sunday I’ll have a few days off, bring on Sunday!

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