Thursday, 24 April 2008

April 20th

I've just got back from shooting the Sun Page 3 calendar for 2009 in Lanzarote. It went really well and everyone's pictures look great. I reckon it's gonna be the best calendar on the market, apart from mine of course :) . It has a goddess theme so it will be different from the usual glamour or Page 3 shoots, but I'm not allowed to say anymore. Thankfully I remembered my Fenistil (cold sore cream) because I got one twice while I was away. I jinxed myself when I wrote about cold sores and how the sun can cause them in my last blog entry, because normally it's just stress that causes mine and this time, allthough the Lanzarote vino and sunshine kept my stress levels down, I managed to get two!

I'm going to have to remember to get some sunblock for my lips next time. It wasn't too much of a problem though, my Fenistil sorted them out. I'm going to have to start cleaning my make-up after I've had a cold sore as well, because I never do and that’s probably why I get them so easily. They say you should throw make-up, like lipsticks, away after a cold sore but with my expensive taste in make-up and obsession with Mac cosmetics I'd be pretty skint. In their stores they dip their lipsticks in a liquid to sterilise them before you use them and prevent passing around cold sores. I'll have to find out what they use and let you all know.

I've decided to move back to the land of Mancs (Manchester). My contract at the flat I was renting in London was up, and to be honest I was missing home. I've just bought a MacBook Air to keep me occupied on all the trains I'll be getting. It’s the really thin laptop and I luuuurve it. The only problem is that it hasn't got a CD drive but you can buy one that you attach for £60 so it’s not that bad. Me and my mum are going to be sharing a flat and we’re just getting all the furniture etc at the moment. It’s a bit of a nightmare. In fact, if I won the Lottery it would be great because I've got really expensive tastes. I’m driving my mum mad!

I've completely fallen off the health wagon too! I tend to eat a load of naughty (but tasty) food when I’m abroad. Since I've been back I've been staying at friends’ houses, until the flat’s ready, so I've been eating out all the time. As soon as the flat’s done I'll get back on track, honest. In fact, I'm gonna get ultra healthy and do a bit of detoxing. I’ll let you have all the details the next time I write.

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Alan said...

What an excellent Blog.

I have to say it's really nice to read that Glamour stars (or Celebs in general) are actually human.

I know that sounds weird but all you ever see is the celeb side (either on tv or in magazines etc.)

It's really refreshing to read about celebs (such as yourself! :-) ) doing normal day to day things.

I cracked up reading about your Colonic by the way, your braver than me, I wouldn't try that!!

Anyway, If you feel like it, I have a blog as well

(mostly talk shite, but it's something) so feel free to drop by, if you do, please leave a comment so I can see you've been.

Take Care