Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May 3rd

So, I'm finally settled into my new flat in Manchester. Well almost, everything's still in boxes but at least it's all here. Next step - find a gym. The problem is that I like to do mainly Pilates and Yoga (3 Pilates classes and 2 yoga to be precise is my aim in a week) and in Manchester there are a lot less classes than in the gyms in London. I'll be lucky if I get one of each in a week. Also most the classes here are in the evening and there is no way you'd get me in a gym after 2pm! The fitness bug vanishes from me after lunch. There are some Pilates and yoga classes held in a yoga centre near my flat but they cost £6 a go and after a month the cost would add up. I also want to start doing a bit of swimming, so I’d have to join a gym as well. I'll work it out, hopefully before I lose my job for being out of shape. I've not been in a gym for over a month!!

I've never done much swimming, I had a horrible swimming teacher when I was younger who used to make us lie on the cold floor around the swimming pool for some strange reason. Since then I've hated swimming. I decided to do a couple of lengths when I was shooting in Mauritius and I couldn't believe how tiring it was, or how much my arms and chest ached. It’s obviously really good at getting your muscles working, though. One of the other Page 3 girls gave me a tip the other day, she said that she uses a float to make her lower half do all the work. I'm going to give it a go as soon as I sort this gym situation out.

I've woken up this morning with a bad cold. I would call it flu but I'm not a man! My Mum had one and now she's kindly passed it on to me. I'm meant to be going out for my best mate’s birthday tonight as well. I really could do with staying in and recovering while my mum runs backwards and forwards to my room with cups of lemon and honey (yuuuuum), but I don't want to let the birthday girl down. Also I've got a shoot for a modeling industry magazine on Monday called EM, so I need to be feeling better for that. Glamour models are often looked down on by fashion models so I've gotta do my best. On the email I got with the details of the shoot it said I'd be working 6-8 hours and the photographer doesn't stop for food until the end!!!! Yes, that’s right… no lunch break! I think he's confusing me with a fashion model, I NEED food or I become delirious and start to shake, ha (true though). It will be good to stop me getting bloated but it doesn't half put me in a bad mood when I've not eaten. I'll have to take a bag of nuts or something with me.

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