Tuesday, 8 April 2008

21st March

I’m in a bad mood today, and this time it’s not as a result of PMS. I’ve woken up with a full-on coldsore! To make matters worse I’m going to a concert tomorrow. When I previously said I had good skin I forgot to mention the dreaded coleslaw, I mean coldsores. They decide to pop up whenever I’m run down or stressed. Well that’s not entirely true because with my stress levels I’d have one every day but when I’m SUPER stressed they tend to pop up.
I never used to get them until my first one about two years ago and now I’m stuck with the bas**rds lying dormant in my lip waiting for a chance to explode on my face. They’re embarrassing as well and make you feel like other people look at you and think you’re dirty. I started using Zovirax cream but that was pretty rubbish. Then I tried Compeed patch, which was the most ridiculous invention ever. The advert suggested you put this little clear patch over the infected area and it would magically make it invisible while healing it. Bulls**t!! I tried wearing one on my first Nuts magazine shoot and I looked like I’d been wrapping presents and got a piece of cellotape stuck to my lip! It’s shiny and peels up at the edges, drawing even more attention to your coldsore. I really couldn’t see the point of the patches at all, they’re much more noticeable than the cream. Saying that, I used to wear my cream pretty noticeably! I walked in the doctor’s about a year ago and having a coldsore I decided to put as much cream on it as possible thinking the more the better. The doctor quite blatantly laughed at me and told me I looked like I’ve got chewing gum stuck to my lip. He then informed me that you only need a very thin layer, leaving me feeling pretty stupid as I wiped off my heap of Zovirax. Anyway I’ve found this new cream called Fenistil, it’s brill! As soon as I feel a tingle (the sign that a coldsore’s on its way) I put that on and it stops it straight away. It’s got the same active ingredient as Zovirax only more of it. It’s a bit more expensive than Zovirax but well worth it. I carry one everywhere with me. The problem is that this time I didn’t get the tingle to warn me, instead it just appeared and there’s no chance it will go down in time for the concert tomorrow. I better hope that balaclavas come into fashion overnight! Nicole Scherzinger wears one in her new video with Timbaland, she must be a sufferer too, ha ha.


JJ said...

Congratulations on your blog! And also, congratulations on having a blog that is not only interesting, but well-written and shows that you are not the stereotypical model when it comes to intellect.

And finally, since I'm from the US, thank you for using real English, and not that weird "online British speak" I've seen a lot of.

Stonch said...

"Online British speak"?

As far as I'm concerned, the internet is full of Americans writing incomprehensibly, incapable of understanding that we don't all understand their current idiom...