Tuesday, 8 April 2008

1st March

I’ve decided I really don’t like living in London! It’s great to come for a weekend or something, but not to live. People are so unfriendly. I was on the train this morning and these two Irish blokes got on, one with a banjo kind of thing and the other with a violin. The guy with the banjo was hilarious. He said, ‘You can smile or dance if you like the music, or look away like you can’t see us if you don’t,’ which was what everyone was doing. He said, ‘Feel free to grab a partner and get up and dance, but make sure you go anti-clockwise to prevent unnecessary congestion.’ Bear in mind we were on the tube.
They were both not only funny and made me laugh but also really talented musicians and sounded great. They were playing that really fast Irish music, which I have to say I really like. Like the music they play when Rose goes downstairs with Jack in ‘Titanic’, what a great film ☺ I even switched of my iPod to listen and was going for it tapping my foot. I’m laughing writing this as I’m remembering this strange situation. Anyway the reason it made me hate London was because me and this little girl, who was with her mum, were the only people acknowledging them. Everyone was so boring and rude. The banjo man was being so funny but when I looked around everyones’ faces were like stone. I felt like standing up and saying, ‘I’d like to see one of you play the violin like that, you boring bunch!’ At the end the funny guy said, ‘You’ve been a brilliant crowd thank you, and I exaggerate only slightly.’ I think you kind of had to be there, but the guy cracked me up. People could have at least appreciated their clever thinking as buskers. They used humour with their music to grab people’s attention and they went on the tube rather than sitting in the station while people rushed past ignoring them. If the people in London were as friendly as they are up north they would have made a fortune (sorry southerners). They got a quid off me, though. To top of my ‘I hate London’ day I then went to a casting that was full of fashion type models and I have never come across such a bunch of rude bitches in my life! It made me greatful to be in glamour even if I wouldn’t mind Kate Moss’s pay cheque…

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Stonch said...

I've never found London unfriendly. It's just less homogenous, which leads to less cultural understanding sometimes. Read a little bit about London life.