Monday, 3 March 2008

13th February

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I missed my Nana's birthday last week because of work and I need to see my dad so I’ve booked a train to Manchester. Knowing I’m single, my mum decided to ask me if I’d like to join her in taking the kids to an ice skating show tomorrow evening! I may be single but come on, that’s just embarrassing. I’m going to sit in and watch a rom com with my fellow single Manc mates and eat a feast of Marks and Spencer's goodies, Its not just any food, it’s Marks and Spencer’s food ☺, that way I can be sad and lonely, and no one will know, well apart from the sad and lonely friends with me. Oh, and now you guys! Ok, so everyone knows but I don’t care, I’m happy single! Most men should carry a health warning! At this crucial time in my career I don’t want anyone distorting my focus. I’ve booked in for a colonic at a holistic therapy centre around the corner from my mum’s on Friday so I’ll fill you in when I’m back in London on Monday.


Jimmy said...

Happy being single, good for you pretty one. If you weren't uber successful at your work and happy doing it would you feel empty on your own?

But... "Most men should carry a health warning!" 'most' - some of us are actually nice. We just come with a "walk all over us" label, i wear mine proudly :)

I almost sent you a card and flowers as a gesture of my respect to you, also because you're just uber brilliant and dead pretty (dont need to be semi nekkid to tell you're stunning). But never did send anything as i assumed you'd be swamped on valentines day!!


Mark said...

Sorry Sam i have to agree with Jimmy, not all men are bastards. Some of us are actually really nice and would love to get with some one (like yourself), but you find that the nice guys dont have the confidence of the "bastards".

As a result we end up with the girls who use and abuse, and you end up with the cocky guys whould would know know a good thing if it came up and slapped then in the face.

Surely someone could work this oput at some point and put the right people together. Any way i hope you have a nice valentines day.