Wednesday, 13 August 2008

July 7th

I have to say, the last week has been absolute hell. I’m so glad it’s over! I’ve back and forth between London and Manchester working, and on Saturday I had to do a shoot in Birmingham too. The shoot in Birmingham was to build my portfolio with more commercial pictures. I’m not leaving glamour but I’m broadening my options in the modeling industry. When I got there I was in a bit of a state. On the Wednesday I got the train to London in the evening to stay at a friend’s house so I could go to my job on Thursday morning at 9am. I still hadn’t got over my jet lag or caught up on my sleep so you can imagine how I felt! Anyway, I arrived at work on time to be told I was due on the Friday, not the Thursday and was sent home!! Normally I could have stayed in London for another night but I had the commercial shoot on Saturday and had planned loads of things that HAD to be done on Friday! So I had to rush to get a train back to Manchester to do everything I’d planned to do on the Friday, come back to London the following morning, which meant getting up at 5am, and then getting a train to Birmingham and staying there overnight ready for my shoot in the morning… I’m telling you all this so you can understand just how much I’m enjoying day two of doing nothing but eating, sleeping and watching total rubbish on the TV. This is the life!

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