Tuesday, 11 November 2008

October 30th

I’ve bought a new lip balm recently, Burt's Bees. At first I wasn’t keen and was going to go back to using my favourite Carmex, which I’ve used for years, but then I realised it’s actually really good! Although Carmex feels better when you first put it on, Burt’s Bees actually makes your lips feel really soft even after it has worn off. It contains beeswax and coconut oil. I’m definately going to keep it with me in this cold weather. My lips get so dry in the winter, which can also bring on coldsores. I bought my friend a set of 3 Burt’s Bees lip balms for her birthday. They come with a little key ring that attaches to the lip balm so you can keep one on your keys. I thought it was a great idea as I’m constantly losing my lip balms. It cost £11.

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